Welcome to the official home of Kyle Logan. Kyle is best known for his novel Blackfalls that is currently being writen. This website was developed to show of Kyle's most loved memories and recentlycreated work from being on set to writing book and his day to day life. All of the websites that Kyle owns are developed by Kyle and you can reconize one of Kyle's web design by looking at the footer of the website to see if Kyle created it as Kyle trademarks the footers on his web development websites.

Kyle is an Actor, Author and web developer as he loves doing them. Kyle's recent web development was this website and DJ Destruction's website. If you would love to visit the official home for DJ Destruction then you can by navigating to the gallery page on this website.



Kyle is currently an Actor with an agent based in Glasgow. Kyle is very talented and he know that it took him a while but he is now persueing his dream on becoming a professional actor.


Kyle is an Author and he is best known for his novel Blackfalls which should be releasing at the beginning of the year on Amazon and kindle. Kyle is a multi talented person as he loves writing as well as acting.

I.C.T Technician

Kyle loves anything that involves technology and computing as he has got a degree in computing which he started studying in 2017 and he passed as he had most of his knowledge of computing already.

Web Development

Kyle is also a web devlopment as he created this website and DJ Destructions websites from scratch without any help or a team behind him. Kyle only creates website on his spare time as his main careers are Acting and writing books.

Web Development

Kyle is a multi talented person as he is a web developer. Kyle creates all of his websites from scratch and you will be able to notice the websites that Kyle create if you go onto any website and look at the footer it should tell you who developed the website but, Kyle developed this website so, he does not put that on his own footer. Kyle creates websites for any kind of industry as he created DJ Destruction's website and he is it the music industry. You can find out more information on DJ Destruction by navigating to the gallery section on this website and clicking the link below his website template.