About Kyle

Kyle is very talented even though he left school at a very young age and his life maybe have had it's ups and downs but Kyle has got past all of the obstacles that life may have thrown at him. Kyle left the school about one week before he turned 16 years of age and he self taught himself all of these years in the computing industry. Kyle has had alot of ups and downs in his life but it has been the little things that has made him stronger and the kind of guy that he is today. Kyle recieved alot of rejections for college but he kept going to keep himself busy so that he had something to do and something solid to fall back on as he taught himself the way around a computer and all of that effore and time spent on a computer and self teaching himself all paid of as Kyle finally got accept in a computer course in 2017.

Kyle was going to go to sleep one night and his brain worked over time and for some reason all of these idea hit him for a book so he got up the next morning and put all of those ideas into a sentence and eventually he had the first half of a book writen. Kyle is and has really enjoyed writing and this was something that Kyle thought that he would have never enjoyed but, now the book that he is currently writing is expected to be realeased on Amazon and Kindle in the first part of 2018 for the pleasure of the public to read. Kyle also had the dream years ago of becoming a professional actor and it was always his confidence that was dragging him down but at the beginning of 2017 that was when Kyle decided to become an extra and grab himself an agenct. Kyle was very successful on that score has he has now got an agent that is based it one of Scotland's largest cities which is Glasgow.

Kyle is a web developer and he has also taught himself it the most popular web development language so that he can create websites for induvidule people and companies. Kyle recently created this website and DJ Destruction's website and you can find out more information on his websites by navigating to the gallery section of this websitre to fin out more information on his recent work that involves web development.